Why do technicians love DENSO’s First Time Fit ® philosophy?

Because it means the part fits the first time, and every time.

DENSO First Time Fit products — including A/C compressors, starters, alternators, oxygen sensors, ignition wire sets, fuel pumps, cabin air, oil and air filters, wiper blades and more — are products built and tested to OE-standard and offered for the aftermarket by DENSO. Each of these products is precision-built for exact replacement, so you don't have to worry about doing the same job twice. When you’re a technician, time is money. Installing DENSO First Time Fit parts means technicians trust that each part has been engineered and double-checked for the specific models it’s meant for, ensuring the part is built to fit – period. At DENSO, we know our technicians rely on us to deliver parts that help them get their job done right the first time. We're constantly striving to break new ground with innovative solutions for today's demanding automotive needs. All of our aftermarket products are built to OE-standards and incorporate the latest upgrades — a promise only an OE manufacturer can make.

DENSO First Time Fit products are manufactured to give you the right part and the right fit... the first time, every time.

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