The Iridium TT® delivers optimized power output, superior fuel economy, and more overall lifetime savings.

DENSO First Time Fit® provides aftermarket products built and tested to OE-standard, for a precise fit.

It's easy to find the right DENSO part for your vehicle, just enter the year/make/model.

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Utilizing decades of experience developing the world's leading spark plugs, the DENSO family of spark plugs
is unmatched in longevity, durability, increased power, economy and reliability.

Iridium TT®
More power, economy, and endurance with the world's smallest tip.

Platinum TT®
Twin tip platinum design with superior longevity and durability.

Iridium Power®
Maximum spark energy from the 0.4mm Iridium center electrode.

Iridium Racing®
Reliable ignition even under the harshest racing conditions.

Iridium Long Life
Improve longevity with the first automotive plug to use Iridium.

Double Platinum
Two Platinum electrodes means added durability.

A channeled ground electrode means greater fuel efficiency.

Why Choose DENSO?

It's simple. The DENSO brand is built on delivering more Quality, Reliability, and Value than any other manufacturer. Whether supplying the world's automakers with reliable OE parts, or developing aftermarket replacement parts at or above spec, DENSO's line of products are built to deliver superior all-around performance every day. Our First Time Fit®  philosophy attracts attention throughout the automotive world, while our commitment to pushing technology into the future and continually sets us apart around the globe. Read below for more ways DENSO rises above the rest. 

Aftermarket Parts
Built At or
Above Spec

The quality of DENSO parts is guaranteed because every component that leaves a DENSO factory has been designed with precision, manufactured to the strictest OE standards or above, and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests. In the end, it all comes down to quality - that's what the DENSO name stands for.

Efficiency, Reliability, and

Over half a century ago DENSO began designing and supplying to OEMs. Since 1972, aftermarket products created exclusively by DENSO have been available for Domestic, European and Import vehicles. Since the beginning, DENSO has consistently provided distributors with products featuring wide coverage across makes and models, quick and easy installation the first time for technicians, and product reliability and longevity for consumers. All this translates to more money savings at all levels, making DENSO a clear choice.

Ahead of the Curve as
Product Inventors

For over 65 years, DENSO has been on the cutting edge of automotive technology by contributing new products, materials, and designs to the OE and aftermarket industry. From the development of the fuel pump module for a quality replacement option, direct ignition coils, and the open valve impeller fuel pump, to DENSO being the first manufacturer to use Platinum and Iridium in spark plugs, and introducing the unique U-Groove spark plug design, DENSO is continually on the front lines of product advancement.


Measure Everything for a 
First Time Fit®

First Time Fit® is a promise that DENSO makes to the aftermarket, by providing products that are OE grade or better – and fits the first time. We know technicians want to get the job done right the first time, that’s why each DENSO part is precision-built to exact specifications, so it fits properly on every make and model covered. The DENSO First Time Fit® line of products includes oxygen sensors, compressors, starters, alternators, fuel pumps, oil and air filters, wipers, and much more. No component leaves our factories without meeting the strictest standards and rigorous safety and performance tests. We’re proud to say all DENSO aftermarket products are as good as or better than original equipment.



There are hundreds of vehicle models around the world


Since 1949, DENSO parts have been the global choice for the top auto makers, with hundreds of vehicle models rolling off the assembly line with DENSO under the hood. There are a lot of choices when it comes to automotive parts, wouldn’t you want to choose the manufacturer selected by all the biggest names in the automotive industry?