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    Mass Air Flow Sensors


    • Glass film coated sensing elements reduces contamination and improves reliability
    • Platinum wire sensing element responds quickly to changes in air flow
    • DENSO’s innovative designs reduce the size and weight

    DENSO’s First Time Fit plug-in type sensor allows for easy installation

    Sensing element air bypass structure is designed for improved detection accuracy

    Mass Air Flow sensor helps in delivering optimum combustion and emissions

    Delivering Performance, Accuracy and Extended Life

    DENSO created the world’s first plug-in mass air flow sensor in 1996 and their continued advancements in automotive technologies is leading the way for higher-quality auto parts. The mass air flow (MAF) sensor detects the amount of air drawn into the engine and relays a signal to the engine control unit (ECU). The signal is used to calculate the proper amount of fuel to deliver to the engine. DENSO’s improved design in mass air flow sensor technology utilizes a unique structure that reduces exposure to the sensing unit. This helps to reduce sensor contamination for improved detection accuracy. DENSO also uses a fine platinum wire sensing element coated with a glass film to further protect it from contaminants, resulting in even higher reliability. Protecting the sensor from contaminants will help maintain performance accuracy and extend the life of the sensor. We also recommend that keeping a good working air filter will help. DENSO’s mass air flow sensors are developed to meet the requirements of auto manufacturers around the globe.

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