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Searching for your parts in the DENSO part catalog is easy. Simply select the type of part you are looking for along with the year/make/model of your U.S. or Canadian vehicle. For vehicles in Latin America, please go here.


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        Cross Reference information is provided as a guide only. Please refer to the "Applications" lookup tabs for more detail. Materials and designs will differ among brands, so plugs are not exactly alike. Always check with your OE service manual for proper installation and settings.


        Types Available:

        • Multitank Superslim (MS)
        • Parallel flow single-tank
        • Serpentine

        Handles extreme compression and boost levels

        Ultimate performance and durability

        Maximizes track time, minimizes downtime

        Delivers maximum spark energy

        Withstands temperatures greater than 4000° Fahrenheit

        OE Experience Equals Unmatched Performance

        As a leader in the development of innovative evaporator technology, DENSO offers the highest grade aftermarket products for a variety of applications. Our OE experience and know-how ensure our aftermarket products provide the unmatched performance, reliability, and ease of installation you expect from DENSO.

        Evaporator performance is essential for proper air-conditioning performance. DENSO’s evaporator configurations, tanks, fin pitch, core dimensions, and materials meet OE manufacturers’ rigid specifications. All DENSO First Time Fit® evaporators pass our strict durability and function tests.

        In 2002, DENSO introduced the thinnest evaporator of its kind. The Multitank Superslim (MS) type evaporator is only 38mm in width and uses the world’s thinnest tubes and plates, making it smaller and more lightweight than earlier evaporator designs.

        1. Thinner – Thinner tube (1.7mm) and shorter fin height (5mm) improves heat exchange efficiency.
        2. High Performance – Separating the tubes and the tanks increases the tank flow path area and reduces refrigerant pressure loss.
        3. Light Weight – The tube’s zinc diffusion layer improves corrosion resistance, resulting in very thin tube plate thickness (0.2mm).
        4. Excellent Draining Capacity – Slits on the outer fins make draining easy.

        Knowledge Base Information Available


        All Products Guide

        28-page quick reference guide to all DENSO products

        Thermal Products Sheet - English

        Two-page product sheet with features and benefits of our A/C and engine cooling products such as A/C compressors, receiver-driers, condensers, evaporators, expansion devices and radiators.