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    Ignition Wire Sets

    Ignition Wires
    Ignition Wires

    Superior dielectric and thermal qualities

    Factory-original fit, appearance, and performance

    World-class chemical and oil resistance

    Fit Right, Look Right, and Work Perfectly

    Identical OE End Caps

    Designed to “click” into place for easy installation and a secure fit. This allows the installer to “feel and hear” that a solid connection has been made, even when the connection is in a difficult-to-see location.

    Strong Connections

    Through a patented process, the terminals are attached to provide an extremely strong connection ensuring the cable and boot will not separate during removal and installation.

    Pre-cut to Exact Lengths

    Each wire in the set is pre-cut to exact length so the wire sets are ready to install right out of the box.

    All-Silicone Wires

    The 7 and 8mm ignition wires are SAE J2031 Class E rated, the highest quality wire used in the industry. These wires can withstand temperatures from -40° to 428° F and pass tests covering everything from electrical properties to shrinkage to chemical resistance and accelerated life testing.

    SAE Wire Classification C D E
    Thermal Overload Test Temperature 155° C / 311° F 180° C / 356° F 220° C / 428° F
    Low Temperature Test -30° C / -22° F -30° C / -22° F -40° C / -40° F
    High Temperature Test Temperature 120° C / 248° F 155° C / 311° F 180° C / 356° F
    Low Temperature Resistivity Test 20° C / -4° F -20° C / -4° F -30° C / -22° F
    1. High temperature “Class E” silicone jacket to withstand heat, cold, chemicals, and moisture.
    2. Reinforcing member for added strength and terminal retention.
    3. Silicone insulation for superior dielectric and heat performance.
    4. Conductive silicon layer for high-temperature performance and EMI/RFI noise suppression.
    5. Fiberglass braid for maximum strength.
    6. Carbon-impregnated fiberglass core for superior support conductivity.

    7. Core reinforced with KEVLAR®.
    8. Layer impregnated with Ferrite.
    9. Wire-wound layer to suppress EMI/RFI noise.

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