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        CONDITION: The vehicle’s compressor clutch will not engage and/or the condenser fan motor will not turn off. Historically, a failed temperature switch will result in this scenario.

        Failed Switch Confirmation:

        • With the A/C system on, provide a ground signal to the lead wire of the water temperature switch, the compressor clutch should engage.
        • Using a multimeter, check the switch for continuity between the housing and the water temperature switch terminal at room temperature. If the switch is open, it has failed and must be replaced.

        CAUSE: The A/C water temperature switch may have been damaged, causing the circuit to open.

        CORRECTION: When installing A/C water temperature switch, tighten and torque* the switch using only hand tools with a deep socket. Do not over torque the switch assembly during installation. Do not use air tools because the high-speed ratcheting motion can damage the switch. Be careful not to drop or strike the switch during the installation process. Do not use sealing tape.

        *Torque: 120 kg•cm (8.6 lbf•ft)

        Product Group
        Electrical Switches & Relays
        Water Temperature Switch