Accumulator / Receiver-Drier
An accumulator / receiver-drier stores refrigerant while removing moisture and dirt the refrigerant may contain.

The compressor is a pump that raises refrigerant pressure, which raises its temperature. High temperature refrigerant vapor condenses rapidly in the condenser by releasing heat to the surroundings. DENSO compressors are classified as either reciprocating or rotary.

The condenser cools the high pressure, high temperature vapor coming from the compressor by releasing the heat to the outside air. This process transforms the vapor into a liquid.

Expansion Valve
An expansion valve meters the liquid refrigerant into the evaporator cores, causing a drop in pressure and, consequently, a drop in temperature. They can be broadly classified into two types: constant pressure and thermal. The thermal type valve is widely used for automobile air conditioning.

The evaporator is the component of the air conditioning system where the refrigerant vaporizes as it absorbs heat, opposite of the condenser. As the evaporator absorbs heat via the refrigerant, the outside surface of the evaporator becomes extremely cold. The a/c blower fan then blows air across the evaporator and sends cold air through the dash duct work, into your vehicle.

Magnetic Clutch
A magnetic clutch engages and disengages the compressor from the engine. The main components are the stator, rotor and pressure plate.

Reciprocating Compressors
Crankshaft, wobble and swashplate

Rotary Compressors
Scroll (SC) and through-vane (TV)

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