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    Cross Reference information is provided as a guide only. Please refer to the "Applications" lookup tabs for more detail. Materials and designs will differ among brands, so plugs are not exactly alike. Always check with your OE service manual for proper installation and settings.



    • High-voltage tested armature and field coils to ensure reliable performance
    • Premium copper terminals to ensure a clean source of electrical current
    • All-new bearings, brushes, and seals

    Maximum cranking torque under all conditions

    Class leaders in size and weight

    Environmentally designed to start in cold and hot weather conditions

    Class Leaders in Size and Weight

    With over 60 years of experience supplying the automakers with premium electrical components, DENSO has the inside track on starter technology. The original DENSO gear-reduction starter is an industry benchmark, so rugged and powerful that it is often adapted for racing use. DENSO remanufactured starters are subjected to a rigorous test and replacement routine that produces the lowest return rates in the replacement aftermarket. Armatures and field coils are high-voltage tested; commutators are refinished and performance-validated; terminals and fasteners are replaced with high-quality copper components. And every starter is exactingly bench-tested to ensure factory-original performance.

    Remanufactured components offer tremendous value to consumers, and by recycling valuable parts and precious raw materials to be used again, they’re the environmentally responsible choice as well. For distributors, retailers, and consumers alike, DENSO First Time Fit® remanufactured starters are the ideal choice.

    1. Solenoid Coil – 100% voltage tested.

    2. Terminal Bolts – 100% re-plated with copper.

    3. Commutator – polished, gauged and performance tested.

    4. Housing – re-tapped to OE standards and damage-checked for heat warping, corrosion or improper surface alignment and refinished.

    5. Pinion Gear – inspected and replaced as needed to meet engineering specifications.

    6. Field Coil – inspected, striped and high voltage tested.

    7. Armature – cleaned and high-voltage tested.

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