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Searching for your parts in the DENSO part catalog is easy. Simply select the type of part you are looking for along with the year/make/model of your U.S. or Canadian vehicle. For vehicles in Latin America, please go here.


    Search for cross reference part numbers for other manufacturers of the parts you're looking for.

    Cross Reference information is provided as a guide only. Please refer to the "Applications" lookup tabs for more detail. Materials and designs will differ among brands, so plugs are not exactly alike. Always check with your OE service manual for proper installation and settings.

    Our customers choose the DENSO Iridium Power spark plug for its unsurpassed performance, increasing overall power and acceleration. For that extra burst of power when you need it most, you can count on the combination of revolutionary Iridium alloy and laser welding technology which allows DENSO to harness the power of Iridium to dramatically increase firing performance. The result is maximum horsepower and torque. From extreme race conditions to the daily driver, the Iridium Power is the ultimate choice for performance.